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Awardees Stories

Our 2021 Awardees

Our Awardees

ROB has so far funded over 110 students and we look forward to supporting many more in the future. 

We would like to introduce you to a few of our rising star awardees who since completing their training have continued to progress their careers.

Latest Awardees

Our Latest Awardees and Programs

The Mountain Lioness Programme: Female Awardees 2021

Faith Kanael Nnko

Faith at the summit.JPG

I am from Tanzania and I was born and raised in Arusha City. One day I met someone who told me about the sponsorship for the training to be a mountain guide. I was very interested and she introduced me to the owner of a mountain climbing company. We talked and he took me to the Mweka college for training. It changed me from being a porter to a guide. I learned a lot from the programme like how to be a guide and also to help others and I hope the training will change my life. I can say to other women that the opportunity for being a guide. Women, let's work hard, the world is there waiting for us. Thank you very much for the sponsorship now I a different person from whom I was and  I can support my children but also I can do my programmes alone. Thank you very much!

Since completing her training she has worked for African Zoom and Kilimanjaro Expert company and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice as a guide since October and she has told us that she really enjoyed the new working experience.

Kitaba Wadia Kapanya 

Wadia Kapanya - 22nd to 29th July (3)_edited.jpg

Before she graduated on 25th October, 2020, Wadia  was a porter working for 3 years on Mt Kilimanjaro . She is now working as a professional guide for Kilimanjaro Expert company. She has made several expeditions in May and July 2021. ‘I am thankful for the Mweka Mountain Guides training course where I was able to study and pass with good marks. This course had played a huge role in my tourism career!
Since last year I have been able to work with Karibu Kili Experts Company where they trusted me and I have been very busy there as an assistant guide. I have also been employed by Mweka College, working with them as an assistant guide training their students and guides!!
I am thinking that some of us we need more training and are ready to take more studies! The course is very important and helpful to many females who are serious and ready to make changes to their own life!

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