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Our Programmes

Guide Train
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Guide Licence Training Scholarships.

From 2019 we will be funding a number of agreed places each year for porters to complete their guide training at College of African Wildlife Management. This programme takes 4 weeks and on successful completion leads to the award of the official guide's licence by the national park authority.


The advertising, recruitment and selection process will be conducted by the college and our local Tanzanian trekking partner African Walking Company will be providing our awardees with all the equipment they need to camp for free at the college during the programme. Applicants can find full details of how to apply here.

On 8th March 2020, to celebrate International Women's Day, ROB in partnership with Exodus Travel, announced a major new initiative"Mountain Lionesses" to fund 10 new places per year for women on the Guides Training Programme. This programme will run for the next 3 years. 

Cost: $360 per person

‘Becoming Even Better’

A four day programme developed and delivered locally by ROB in Arusha, in partnership with the African Walking Company develops participants knowledge and skills in first aid, customer service , team working and leadership.

Cost: $150 per person

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Wilderness First Responder

A ten day advanced wilderness first aid programme , taught by a team of American, Kenyan and Tanzanian outdoor professionals/ instructors . Its key elements include the assessment, management and treatment of life threatening and other injuries and illnesses that can occur in a mountain environment.

Cost: $580 per person

Chef Train
Chef Training

A three week course, delivered by a local college in Arusha which teaches the basic skills and techniques for safe food production in a mountain environment therefore preparing participants to to be able work as a mountain expedition chef.

Cost: $270 per person

Crisis Management

A one day programme delivered in Arusha by a local Tanzanian lead guide/instructor which teaches participants how to mange a variety of incidents that can occur on the mountain.

Cost: $90 per person

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