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Our Story

Our Mission

ROB was created to improve  the lives of porters, guides and support staff who work on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

We believe everyone can embrace who they are,
define their future and change their world.

We strive to do this through


  • funding educational bursaries 
    enabling awardees to gain qualifications, expertise and opportunities that would otherwise be beyond their reach


  • equipping mountain staff with technical kit through partnership working
    enhancing safety on the mountain


  • inspiring our awardees to believe in their own self-worth 
    motivating them to improve their knowledge and skills


  • ensuring that all our potential awardees are given equal access to training courses without negative discrimination 
    specifically targeting women and disadvantaged people 


  • empowering awardees to transform their lives and the lives of their families 
    developing their confidence and future aspirations

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